21 July 2020

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Nutrition and Immunity

by Dr Michelle Woolhouse
COVID-19 is a novel virus, meaning it has never been in circulation within the human population before, therefore long term research isn't available on treatment options. However, good principles of nutritional medicine are likely to be supportive to strengthen the immune system. 

The i...

24 June 2020

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Boost your immunity the natural way!

by Dr Michelle Woolhouse
Never has there been more need, or more interest in natural ways to defend us against viruses, since the COVID-19 pandemic. Nutritional medicine, such as Vitamin D, Zinc and Vitamin C have amongst the best evidence for bolstering our immune systems.

Zinc is a fantastic antiviral in its own rig...

27 April 2020

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Positivity in the time of COVID-19

by Dr Michelle Woolhouse
3 million Australians are living with anxiety or depression And this number is probably growing by the second. We are living in the most uncertain times in living history and this is bringing up uncomfortable feelings for many in our community. It is well known that excessive stress negativel...

23 April 2020

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Mistruths about healthcare during COVID-19

by Dr Michelle Woolhouse
There are a lot of mistruths circulating in the community at the moment and we thought that we should take this opportunity to support you in understanding the importance of optimising healthcare during this COVID-19 pandemic: Firstly there is a myth that people needing healthcare should stay...

8 April 2020

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Whole Medicine still accessible despite COVID-19

by Dr Michelle Woolhouse
Firstly, we wish to acknowledge that we are very aware that many people are suffering from uncertainty, confusion, fear and social isolation at the moment and to all of you we send our warmest thoughts and best wishes.

Secondly, we would like to say a big thank you for all your support as a ...

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