What does a Whole Medicine GP cost?

The Whole Medicine fee structure is designed to suit you and your holistic needs

Whole Medicine is a privately billing clinic.  Medicare rebates are available for most medical services.this means you are likely to have a co-payment for the services you receive. 

We use Medicare online to electronically forward your rebate back into your bank account overnight.

Whole Medicine offers more to new patients than just access to experienced GPs, we strive to be an active part of planning for a healthy future for both you and your family. 

We welcome new patients and our doctors are committed to building an ongoing partnership with their patients so you achieve the best possible health care. 

As part of this committment, we do ask that you provide us with information about your past medical history as part of the first consultation, so we have the knowledge we need to provide the most appropriate medical treatment.

The fee for our new patient appointment will be higher than ongong fees as we need to gather and record information about you to help you long term. 

Cancellations fee ( for the full amount) apply to all patients who cancel with no notice. 

What does a Whole Medicine GP cost?

Intergrative Medicine

FeeMedicare Rebate

New Patient appointment - 60 minutes

$360 $110

Short appointment - 10 - 15 minutes


Short appointment - 20 minutes

Extended appointment - 30 minutes
Extended appointment - 40 minutes


General Practice (Non-Integrative Medicine)

FeeMedicare Rebate

Short appointment - 10 - 15 minutes


Short appointment - 20 minutes

Extended appointment - 30 minutes


Dr Ana-Louise Martin - Psychiatrist

FeeMedicare Rebate

Initial appointment - 60 minutes

$430  $231 

Follow-up appointment - 45-60 minutes

$330 $163

Follow-up appointment - 30-45 minutes

$220 $118


Caroline Hales
Holistic Counselling


Medicare Rebate

Appointment - 60 minutes 


Appointment - 90 minutes


Appointment - 30 minutes 



Kaitlyn Anderson - Dietitian


Medicare Rebate

Initial appointment - 60 minutes

$160 $54

Follow-up appointment - 30 minutes

$90 $54




Our Allied Health Practitioners

Medicare rebates apply if you are under a current mental health or GP management care plan. Consultations are also partially covered by private health insurance. Rebates vary depending upon cover.

Additional charges policy

In the event that you need a service outside of a standard consultation, additional fees are charged. This includes:

  • Wound care
  • Theatre fees
  • IV infusion costs
  • Non-government rebated health assessments.
  • Dispensary supplements and other medications
  • Travel vaccinations
  • Injections
  • Health coaching
  • Insurance and court reports
  • Releasing medical records

*The Whole Medicine fee structure is subject to change.


Fees and Payment

Payment in full is required on the day of service. The practice offers a variety of payment methods: cash, credit card or EFTPOS. 

Where full payment is made immediate Medicare rebates can be processed. If you do not have an EFTPOS card we will send your claim to Medicare and payment is reimbursed within 24 hours. 

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Home visits by prior arrangement only and are at the discretion of the treating doctor.