Your Medical Test Results

Here’s what you need to know about your test results

Whole Medicine doctors use pathology and other labs for your medical test results.

To make sure your results are available and have been sent to your doctor, please follow up with the appropriate laboratory.

Follow up medical test results policy

Whole Medicine reminds patients that it is your responsibility to seek your test results and book a follow-up appointment. We also encourage you to collect your results so that you can maintain your own health record and be educated and involved in your health.

We recommend at the end of your visit that you book your next appointment. This way you are sure to be seen within the appropriate timeframe to discuss your medical test results and any treatment options.

If, however, a test result is abnormal you will be contacted by SMS to arrange an appointment if we have not heard from you within a reasonable time.

Remember, Whole Medicine takes a detailed approach to your health, which means that even normal results can tell your GP a lot about your health, prevention and nutritional needs.

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