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Keeping you safe, happy and healthy is our goal

As a general practice, we see all manner of people, symptoms and health care issues.  Our GPs are trained in minor surgical procedures, joint injections and even anti-wrinkle treatments and other innovative techniques to help optimise your health.

Vaccination Support

Vaccinations are designed to protect you against significant diseases such as pneumonia, shingles and whooping cough, which is especially important for people who are vulnerable. For example, those with chronic lung conditions, our ageing community members and those with lowered immunity. These preventable conditions can have dangerous and potentially fatal consequences to your health care. Talk to your doctors about your current vaccination state and whether more can be done to make sure you are protected.

Sleep Machine

We are very fortunate to be able to offer in house at home sleep apnea diagnostics to our patients. Sleep apnea is one of the most undiagnosed conditions in our community. Most people with sleep apnea do suffer with fatigue, but many feel that they sleep well and have no recollection of snoring, waking or stopping breathing overnight. This is why getting tested is so important. Not only that, it is associated with sudden death, heart attacks, chronic fatigue, depression and raised blood pressure to name but a few. It is so easy to get assessed these days, for all those interested or have someone who you feel might benefit from this, please call reception to make an appointment with our nurse.

Travel Medicine and Support

Our team at Whole Medicine love travel, but we also understand the dangers and the risks involved. Facing a significant health challenge overseas is bad enough, but when you are in a country with poor health services it can be frightening. Taking adequate precaution allows you to stay safe while you are off the beaten track and having the adventure of a lifetime. To optimise your travel safety, we encourage you to plan ahead. Book in with one of our doctors at least six months prior to your departure date.

Nutritional Health

Using nutrients as part of a treatment plan is unfortunately underutilised in mainstream general practice. At Whole Medicine, we understand the issues faced by people in regards to poor dietary choices, intolerances to food groups and the issues with particular nutrient deficiencies. We have the expertise and additional knowledge to support your body's innate healing systems for both mental and physical health.

Sports Medicine

Exercise and body movement is the elixir for good health and we encourage all of our able patients to move as often as possible. But, sometimes exercise can also cause injury or strain. At Whole Medicine, we understand the importance of getting you back to what you love efficiently and constructively. We can also provide the advice to help prevent future injury. If you are battling any sprains, ligament soreness, tendonitis or arthritis book an appointment today.

Mental Health

Mental health is profoundly important for the wellbeing of our families, ourselves and our communities. We take a broad approach to mental health and understand the complexities involved. Our doctors address the body as a whole when dealing with mental health and support the brain functioning. Treatments may include counselling, dietary advice, nutritional support, exercise planning, case management, medication, mindfulness meditation and other related treatments.

Minor Surgical Procedures

From joint injections to skin lesion removals, cryotherapy, care of wounds and infections and cosmetic anti-wrinkle injections, our doctors are highly experienced in minor medical procedures. Whole Medicine is set up to provide you with the convenience to have all your general medical needs attended to. We also have access to the best specialists if additional expertise are needed.

Sexual Health

Sexual Health is an important area of general practice. Whether you would like support surrounding your sexuality, you have a new partner or new symptoms we are here to listen and support you. Knowing how to practice safe sex is essential for yours, and your partner's, sexual health.

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