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5 Strategies to Improve Your Body Image

Posted by Dr Kerrie Salbury on 8 May 2019
5 Strategies to Improve Your Body Image
  1. Focus on your positive qualities, skills and talents. Are you funny, artistic, strong, an animal lover, a great cook, singer, writer, artist, caring, dependable?
  2. Start saying positive things to yourself daily. Save them as screen savers, plaster them around the house. It's time to end the cycle of verbal abuse- you would talk to people you love this way.
  3. Focus on what your body has done. For example, learnt a musical instrument, given birth, danced, played in the rain, climbed trees,  driven a car, cooked, swam, parachuted, gardened, cycled, cleaned, socialised, hugged, laughed.
  4. Avoid making body comparisons with others.
  5. Cleanse your social media- make a conscious decision about what you read and view. Media images can be unrealistic and only represent a minority of the population.
Dr Kerrie SalburyAuthor: Dr Kerrie Salbury
About: Kerrie provides clinical intervention for a diverse range of adult mental health presentations including: anxiety and mood disorders, eating disorders, OCD, PTSD, ADHD, gender dysphoria, stress management, loss and grief, trauma, addictions and personality disorders.
Tags: Health and Well Being Mental Health Eating Disorders

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