The Big Health Check- coming soon

Ever wonder if you have, or are at risk of developing, a mental or physical health issue?

Take our big health check to find out

Whether there is something obvious going on, or you are unsure about an underlying health risk, this comprehensive check will accurately measure your current state of mental, physical, social, emotional and environmental health.

Put simply, it is designed to highlight the things that can often be overlooked in a short 10-minute appointment.

The big health check records your vital health parameters and helps identify any key disease or risk factors so that we can make positive interventions.

By taking The Big Health Check every two years, you can keep track of any changes to your health and wellbeing and optimise your screening opportunities.

Are you ready to take control of your health?


Part 1: online questionaire.  This takes 30 minutes or less to complete.  Questions cover nine key areas about your overall health and wellbeing.  Answer the questions as honestly as you can, but don't linger too long on your responses.

Part 2: 90-minute in-person appointment with our clinical nurse specialist. You will undergo blood, urine and other body measurement tests to screen for a range of disease markers including diabetes, cholesterol, lung function, liver and pancreatic diseases and stress.

Part 3: personalised health report and key recommendations. At the end of your consultation with our nurse, you will receive a hard copy of your Big Health Check Results. A copy of your report and recommended next steps will also be emailed to you.

How you scored:

You will receive an individual score for each section of part 1 and part 2 of the check. Some sections are not scored, but are important in providing a detailed insight into your wellbeing.

At the completion of part 2 you will receive your personalised health report. This will outline your results, plus information about what each score means and what you should do next. Your clinical nurse specialist will talk you through all of your results and recommendations. A follow up with a doctor for further testing may be required, which is separate from the health check.

At Whole Medicine, our team of highly qualified GPs and nurses who have additional expertise in evidence-based natural medicine are proactive about helping to treat underlying causes, not just your symptoms. This approach combines science with holistic practices to help men, women and children be well.
* Dr Michelle Woolhouse, Whole Medicine principal GP and founder curated this health assessment using only university reproducible, scientific evidence-based screening tools and lifestyle assessment methods. Unfortunately, not everything can be picked up in a health assessment. So, if you are symptomatic in any way, this program does not replace the advice of your doctor."
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