Men's Health

Men tend to not be as proactive as women when it comes to staying well. In fact, men die younger than women for a whole range of reasons. We are passionate about changing this. Being proactive, staying well, understanding your health and managing good prevention habits can make a huge difference in the long-term health of men.

Prostate Health

Prostate health is important for men. An enlarged prostate is common as is prostate cancer. Having regular checks, especially when you are over 50 is essential. Book an appointment to screen for prostate cancer and other health risks.

Work Stress

Increased hours of work and pressure experienced as a result of work are on the rise. Taking a proactive approach and understanding the physical impact that mental stress can have on you is important to your overall health. It's about making good choices, creating a better work-life balance for yourself and recognising your true importance in the scheme of things.


Fertility has been traditionally seen as the domain of a women. But, this is far from the truth. Research shows, men's fertility and sperm count has dropped since 1960. The health of men during the time prior to, and at conception, could not be more vital. We always like to see the whole couple when discussing any fertility issues.

Sexual Health, Erectile Dysfunction

We understand, sexual health and intimate relationships are an important issue for many men. Erectile dysfunction, ejaculation problems, infections and other issues are supported and treated with sensitivity and care.


Mental strain, stress and depression are common in men. Men are often under pressure to perform, they feel stigmatised if they show their vulnerabilities and it often seems hard to find the support when you are feeling down. We are passionate about giving men the tools, skills and support they need to deal with the challenges they can face in life. By better understanding the emotions you may be feeling, you can start to turn things around.


Andropause is not a well-known term, but it can be important for some men. Andropause is the male equivalent to menopause. It occurs a little later, around the age of 55. This is where you may start to see a significant decline in testosterone levels. Lifestyle and spiritual health should be addressed during this, sometimes challenging, period of a man's life.


As family doctors, we are passionate about providing emotional, relationship, communication, mental and physical support for the men in our community. We understand the challenges men face and recognise some of barriers they experience to asking and receiving help.

Screening and Prevention

Having a proactive plan and a good understanding of prevention programs, screening opportunities and regular check-ups is our forte. From the age 40, we believe all men should get into the habit of completing a thorough health check every two years. This means, a head-to-toe check-up including advice on other resources, support and further action plans that can help you be well.

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