Women's Health

Women are particularly important when it comes to health. The reason is that many women not only look after themselves, but they also provide the care and nurturing within the family, they often lead the way in supporting their children's health, their partner's health and the health of their ageing parents. What's more, women support each other as friends and when they get pregnant, their health is reflected in two further generations. We call this transgenerational health. We are passionate about supporting women to be well because we know this makes for more well people.

Hormonal Balance

Hormonal issues are common in women at various times in their lives. Hormones usually work in response to our circadian body rhythms or our lifestyle and our internal bodily needs. They change over time and are affected by our stresses, life patterns and even our thoughts. Hormonal balance helps mental, reproductive and physical health. Understanding your role in helping to create balance is vital for optimising hormonal health.

Family Planning

Planning a family is an exciting and challenging time in our lives. But, for most of our fertile years, having children is the last thing we want to do. Contraception is not only important for preventing unwanted pregnancies, but it also plays a significant role in your long-term health as well. We are available to discuss all of the aspects of family planning with you.


Unfortunately, having a baby doesn't come easily for some couples. Furthermore, with some women choosing to have babies later in life, other lifestyle issues can arise, including poor fertility. There are a host of options available to women, and couples, wishing to conceive. Book an appointment with one of our family doctors to find out more. Bringing your partner is recommended.


Staying well during pregnancy is the goal of every woman. Regular check-ups with your family doctor to address your physical and mental health, as well as your nutrition, can help you to feel prepared for the next stages.

Antenatal care/Shared care

Shared care is a fantastic opportunity to have your pre-natal care shared between your GP and your chosen hospital or birthing centre arrangement. Our GP's have a special interest in optimising obstetric care, supporting and optimising the health of the mother, child and family. Post natal care is also part of the shared care experience, along with better lactation support, sleep and feeding advice. For appointments please call 03 5986-4229.


Menopause can often be a challenging time in a woman's life. The impact of the change in hormones can affect your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing. Having support and knowing some powerful thing you can do during this time to make things easier, is vital for your overall health.


Despite a surge in products and services that can help make life more efficient and easy we, as a culture, are getting more stressed. If you feel stressed or anxious, counselling and support can be a vital way for self and life reflection. Women often feel stressed, and it often feeds on itself until before you know it, you are experiencing negative mental, physically and emotional cycles. Having some time to reassess, reflect and develop more skills can help turn a negative cycle into a positive one.

Pap Smears

Regular pap tests have been one of the most successful screening interventions in medicine. We encourage all women to have them regularly. We offer a reminder service to help you manage your important health interventions.

Thyroid Disease

Thyroid disease is on the rise due to increasing strain on our lifestyle, increases in toxin exposure, stress, diet and gut immunity issues. The thyroid gland is paramount for your vitality. It underpins your energy levels, brain function and detoxification capacity. Thyroid disease can be well managed with an integrative approach.

Sexual Health

Vaginal health, libido issues, infections and other sexual issues are important for any woman's overall health. At Whole Medicine, our family doctors take these matters seriously and are sensitive to your needs and concerns.


1 in 10 women have endometriosis. It is a chronic disease causing severe pain and infertility. 1 in 10 girls in Australia grow up with symptoms severely compromising their schooling, career path, social growth and ability to be productive citizens. Currently there is no known cure.

Treatment is varied - some women may benefit from simple medications such as Paracetemol or the contraceptive pill to manage symptoms. Others may require surgical treatments such as laparoscopy or a hysterectomy. Others may benefit from alternative therapies such as herbal preparations.

As each person's experience is personal, our doctors can discuss with you your symptoms, their effect on your quality of life and treatments you may have previously tried. Our doctors will then work with you to find the most suitable treatment pathway.


Breast Health

Regular breast checks are just the beginning; breast health, lactation success, hormonal balance and managing the lumps and bumps that breasts can get are all part of what we do at Whole Medicine. Breast can get painful, they can be too big or too small for some, and certain nutrients play a role in breast health, too.

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