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Three things you can do for yourself during Women's Health Week

Posted by Dr Michelle Woolhouse on 6 September 2018
Three things you can do for yourself during Women's Health Week

Whole Medicine puts women's wellbeing in the spotlight

When women have family, friends and colleagues depending on them, it can be difficult to find time for yourself.

To help, Dr Michelle Woolhouse, Whole Medicine integrative GP, urges Mornington Peninsula women to put themselves first during Women's Health Week from 3 7 September.

"This is the perfect time to follow up on any overdue health checks such as cervical cancer screenings, skin checks, your breast health, diabetes tests, emotional support, bowel cancer screenings, bone mass density scans or blood pressure checks," she says.

"Remember, in order to look after others, sometimes we just have to put our own health priorities first!"

Here are three more ways to focus on your wellbeing this week

Try to stamp out at least one unhealthy habit such as smoking, sugar, skipping breakfast, being overly sedentary, drinking too much alcohol, excessive worry or not getting enough sleep.

Finding time to exercise can be difficult when family, work and other commitments are mounting up, but it's key to long-term health and prevention of disease. You can always break down the recommended 30 minutes of daily exercise into three 10 minute bursts of moderate activity.

Taking some time out to look after your emotional wellbeing is vital for your overall health. Give yourself permission to do something just for you read a book, practice yoga or learn to meditate, go for a beach walk, meet up with friends whatever makes you feel good.

Why not book an appointment to see one of the integrative Whole Medicine GP's and take the next step towards a holistic approach to your well-being.  Contact our friendly reception team on 03 5986 4229.

Click here for more information on Women's Health Week.

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Dr Michelle WoolhouseAuthor:Dr Michelle Woolhouse
About: Dr Michelle Woolhouse, Whole Medicine founder and principal GP, and her team understand the challenges patients face because they have experienced it either as doctors or patients. The practice was founded in 2009 out of a strong desire to redefine whole person care, to include nutrition and environmental medicine, and integrating mind-body techniques. The practice gained a reputation that challenged the traditional way of delivering patient care. Whole Medicine has flourished to become the choice for an inspired Mornington Peninsula community.
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