Prevention Medicine

Preventative Medicine is integral to your Health and Wellbeing

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The Dr’s and Nurses at Whole Medicine are ready to utilize their knowledge and expertise, and offer their support, to ensure you achieve your best health outcomes.

At every stage of life we have the opportunity to prevent illness, minimize its impact or diagnose at the earliest opportunity to optimize treatment.

Whether there is an obvious concern, or you are unsure about an underlying health risk, we offer a range of Assessments, Treatments, Advice and Supports to suit all patients.

Preventative Medicine is achieved at varied levels & in numerous ways including: -

Vaccination, Medication, Screening Tests eg Pathology, Cervical, Bowel, Heart Health Assessments & General Health Assessments.

Vaccinations and Medications can prevent disease. Screening tests can offer early detection to minimize disease progression and maximize treatment options.

Health Assessments provide us with vital information to allow us to ascertain what is appropriate for you, as an individual, to achieve the greatest outcome.

We do this collaboratively between you - the Patient, The Doctor, and Nurse.  Further supported is offered, if required, by our highly regarded Specialists, Allied Health Professionals and Support Services.

We welcome you - to allow us - to help you achieve your Wellness Goals.

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Home visits by prior arrangement only and are at the discretion of the treating doctor.